Chow Chow Club in Austria

The Chow Chow Club, which is a slightly different club. We advise you in a competent and friendly manner through a great special knowledge.

More than 130 members from Austria and all over the world are contacting and meeting through our little get-togethers in Vienna and its surroundings, or at the popular barbecues in the summer time!

The clubmeeting takes place every 2nd Saturday of each month. For further details on the current events please ask the chairmen, who will gladly answer all your questions.

Our monthly Club Magazine consists of several reports about interesting Chow related topics, like health, behaviors,breeding, showing, stories and Letters to the Editor, and has been always met with approval and of course it also will offer you a lot of news.

Our Chows, which will be pleased to welcome your furry companions in our circle, are always in the limelight.

Sometimes we even get the chance to watch some cute puppies playing their clumsy "Chowdren' plays". Reasonable breeding goals, careful matings of American, English, Dutch, German and Swedish breeding lines, which are emphasizing good physical health as well as the equally-important easy-going, self-confident temperament of the Chows, are used to breed good puppies.

Just visit also our active Chow forum at the special training school or watch some of our Chows during their Agility ot Therapy Dog training!

Even at exhibitions or shows, like this year's EURODOG 1999, you'll meet our committed club members together with their magnificently-coated darlings. Two internationally recognized FCI/ÖKV special judges for the Chow Chow breed are available!

Friendly people, well-behaved Chows, a nice Club is looking for your visit! Welcome to the CCC !


Karin Weseslindtner
Ing.Körnerg.17, 1170 Wien
0043 (0)1 4855301

Ruth Sova
Straudorf 84, 2286 Haringsee
02214 8311

Mag. Stefanie Schreiböck
2353 Guntramsdorf
02236 869181

Der Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a very ancient Asian breed, which has been able to retain her original naturalness to this day.

Modesty and a distinct self-confidence are the typical signs of the Chow Chow's character.

On the surface you will notice the blue tongue, the stilted gait, and the dignified attitude; the grumpy expression and the thick growth of its coat of hair , which attract some attention and admiration wherever it appears.

The Chow Chow is a silent companion; it is no yelper. Nevertheless it is an incorruptible guard, who does not miss a thing. Especially at night it registers every danger and it will prove through its restrained growling that it is really serious.

Because of its natural peace and calm it is able to be kept in appartments. But it also likes sometimes to run and it enjoys its daily walks.

The Chow Chow is very devoted and loves its family members in a very faithful way, without being obsequious. It adapts very well, and it accepts everything and everybody belonging to the family, and it does not differentiate between adult persons, children or other pets. But the Chow will always keep vigilant guard against unknown or suspicious intruders.

Of course, the Chow is not a dog for just anybody, because it does not tolerate any pressure and loves its freedom beyond all measures. The person who is able to accept this, and allows the dog to live in accordance with its needs, will obtain the best friend he ever could have wished.

In its care the Chow Chow is without any problems even though he wears a long coat. Now you sometimes will find the original smooth Chow, too. The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog, which is bred in the colors black, blue, red, cinnamon, cream or white.

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